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Do you burn water? Are you the worst cook ever? Do people have nightmares about you being in the kitchen? Then help is at hand. Take a deep breath relax. Step by Step we are gonna learn the basics of cooking and a healthy diet.

Lesson one

Boiling an egg
Now why start with boiling an egg. Well three reason; since you burn water, the first thing we need to do is stop that. Secondly eggs are very versatile and what simply seems like a basic procedure for the chef of boiling an egg is a somewhat special and scientific based procedure. Although the science I won't actually go into it is the mechanics that are important. Finally eggs provide protein an essential part of the diet. How do I start?? Well first of all you need an egg, then you need a saucepan and since we are going to boil the eggs in water we need the water (tap water is fine no mineral water or any fancy water just plain tap water). Well once you get to this stage wait fore a page update coming soon (sorry)
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