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If you can hear the midi file you are listening to "Time After Time" by Cyndi Lauper Ofcourse :).


Now that I have your attention....
This page has been put here for us dedicated CYNDI LAUPER fans and to educate people who have never heard of her to how wonderful she is.
Simply it is a lot of links to pages and other stuff that I have.

Pic of Cyndi

Visit my new Commdore 64 and Goonies page to download the game and play it on your PC.

Or visit my Cyndi Pics page . CAUTION: Will take long to download.

Buy Cyndi Stuff From cdnow NOW :)

My most favourite web site in the world is the CYNDI LAUPER WWW HOME PAGE . I love this page and recommed a visit just to show how good unofficial page can be.

You can search that site using the searcher below:

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The best photo page for Cyndi on the net has to be Tracys' Cyndi pages

William McBrine's Cyndi Lauper Index (great stuff!!)

Madame la Pulse's Come on home page

Pedro Caminha's Home Page

Bob Savage Photography Homepage

Sony's Cyndi Information page

People I know from She Bop Personal and also Cyndi Pages

Karny Lauper's Cyndi Page

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