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Welcome to the World of F

Hi User from farhan.tripod.comUNKNOWN LOCATION Why you may ask? Because Tripod does not allow Server Side Includes as they represent a security risk???

This is my world! Here you can find out what am I currently doing and what I am interested in. If you have any comments please do not hesistate to email me .

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I have made a page for anyone looking for me online talking.

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What does F do and Where is he? What does F do and Where is he?

Who is F?

So who am I, if you do not know that already then welcome stranger! You are caller number to my home page since April 19th 1996. So here we go from the top. My name Is Farhan Amit Sattar. I am 19 years old. My birthday is on the 19th of July. I live in Bradford which is about 13 miles from Leeds University. This ofcourse means that I commute everyday and have to rely on the public transport network. Here is where I have to say to British Rail "WHY DO YOU KEEP CANCELLING SCHEDULED TRAIN?". Apart from studying I like to occupy my time with a wide range of interests. I love listening to music and my favorite artist is CYNDI LAUPER. After receving numerous complaints (none so far but I thought it would sound good if I put it that way) I have decided to move all my Cyndi info and stuff to it's own page. I dedicated that page to Cyndi. Click here to go to that page.
I love to shop and like to cook. And before you even think about it no one has ever died or had any food poisoning after eating what I have cooked.

So you all wanted to see pictures of ME!! (WARNING MAY TAKE LONG TO LOAD cause well *grin*) Press the Back on your browser after looking at me to come back here OR ELSE!!

I have gotten in touch with a pubilshers, FAST publications who write great poems and verses why not take a look

List of Friends with hompages (No not the TV series although I think it is quite good). Links to the web pages of my friends with little bits of info that they may not want me to tell :) If I have forgotten anyone one of you then TOUGH!!! Or you could email me and ask me to put your link or email on *grin*

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