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If you can hear the midi file you are listening to "Don't You Forget About Me" by the Simple Minds.


Mooncalf's Friends Page

Well first of all we have Sarah's Home Page.I met Sarah on BBS Olohof somewhere back in the midst of early 1996. Her nick being Baileys! Shortly afterwards we met in real life. I am proud to be a ble to call her my friend.

MY BESTEST FRIEND in the ENTIRE UNIVERSE is Nicole Marie Bauer. I love my friend Nicole so much that I have vowed that my first daughter's middle name will be Nicole. She loves unicorn

Next we have Jamie she is a wonderful person and one of my newest friends but one I hope will live to be an old and more closer friend.

How could I forget my sweet wonderful brother. Yes I mean my real life brother as in Zeshan :)

Now I have to mention Nich and Dek. They are two WONDERFUL people loving caring sharing and I m so happy for them and really quite proud to call them my friends.

We go on to Colossus19. An interesting person to say the least :)

We also have the Greek God (I think NOT *grin*). Vas' homepage is temporarily unavailable

Here I'm adding a great guy who is a great person and so nice to talk to on BBS Olohof namely Snorky Go check it out!

Now I must added the sweetest most friendliest and specialist girl I know in my opinion Toosy *grin*. Her page is heavily under construction though :):)

Ok whos next hmm why not Troppy aka Kim well try here for a special suprise *grin*

I'd do anything (well almost) to get a link on another friends page so I linked my friend ajax who linked me on his page *smiles*

The closest friend I have to Cyndi Lauper is Cynthia McCombie only cause her name is Cyn also other than that no similarity at all. :P

OK time to mention Rebecca Beane aka beane on Olohof :) This girl what can i say about her I will leave it at that

Vita (aka Teresa) is the disneyfreak. She is mad on the muppets, loves 80s music (a girl after my own heart! If only she was single) and has a really well kept page.

The World According to Meela... is the homepage of Tiana a very interesting if not strange girl.

Jenga is a another one of my friends and also the boyfriend of my cyber sister. IF he messes with her I'll use my imagination *evil grin* on him :P

If for some reason you are not mentioned on my friends page and feel left out or would like me to add a mailto line to you then email me :)

note Why not sign my visitors book while you are here!!

mail You can ofcourse email at
working on itThis page is always under construction so check back frequently for updates

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