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Mooncalf Interested? The Truth is in here

What am I currently doing and Where am I?

I graduated with a BSc in Human Genetics form the University of Leeds which is in the UK. I did my second year on exchange at the University of Mcmaster, in Canada.

I am currently working for an IT company.

Who is Mooncalf?

So who am I, if you do not know that already then welcome stranger! You are caller number counter to my home page since October 19th 1999.(Counter from April 19th 1996 to October 19th 1999=1087). So here we go from the top. My name Is Farhan Amit Sattar. I am 25 years old. My birthday is on the 19th of July. I live in Bradford.

Apart from studying I like to occupy my time with a wide range of interests. I love listening to music and my favorite artist is CYNDI LAUPER
I love to shop and like to cook . And before you even think about it no one has ever died or had any food poisoning after eating what I have cooked. I also like to write Poetry. Although I don't think I am very good at it.

So you all wanted to see pictures of ME!! (WARNING MAY TAKE LONG TO LOAD cause well *grin*)

I went to St Bede's Grammar School from the age of 13 to 18. I am very happy to see them on the internet; a far cry form the days when I used to study there working on the 086 Rm Nimbus machines. Ahh those were the days :)

I love most Sci-Fi films and shows.

Places I like to eat out at:

  • Subway

    I have made many a friend over the internet and met some of them irl (in real life). Some of the friendships forged on the net will be life long friends. Here is a list (with juicy info :) ) of some of my Friends with hompages.

    This page is currently being worked on anyone wanting to see any info they expect to see on this page and cannot find it email me at the address below and I will happily oblige and add it to my page.

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