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If you can hear the midi file you are listening to "The Freshman" by the Verve Pipe.


April 2000: A page of djtraxx and dj homepages

March 2000: Mooncalf's Single of the Week

September 1999: Lolly's Web Page

July 1999: Listen To My RADIO Station


I have a wide expanse in musical taste and listen mainly to 80s, top 40 and "bubblegum" type music. I especially love synth generated music which is reflected in the songs I listen to. My most favourite artist in the world is Cyndi Lauper and I have an entire page devoted to her.

Here are few 80s site that I like:

Chucky G's 1980's Music Page is an indepth 80s review site full of information.

One of my favourite groups are dubstar

Savage Garden became a part of my life in March 1997. This band the songs the music will always be significant for me. Go see The Official Savage Garden Site

MIDI is one of the few midi pages to survive on the web.

This is an interesting ftp site as it contains full songs in wav format although not very spread if there is a rare track they may have it.

Now the The International Lyrics Server How can you evne miss this site if your looking for song lyrics this is your first stop.

In pure 80s tradition though here is a site full of Madonna song lyrics

Have you heard Barbie Girl by Aqua yet? If not have you been living in a box? I love this song and I don't care what you think (more aqua links coming soon)

Wanna here the latest hit songs from across the globe Vistitua's Song Of The Moment is the site to check out including most of the time full lyrics for the song, clips, full songs images. You have to check it out to believe the quality and effort put into maitaining this archive.

If you have read about my time in Canada , then you will know about Energy 108 , the dance music station.

Remember the "LOVE SHAK"?? see cool B52's info right here!

Check out one of the best ejay sites on the web right here

Other Artists I like include Roxette, T'Pau, Alanis Morissette, Real McCoy, Bananarama, Jewel, Belinda Carlisle, Sheryl Crow, Men at Work, Merril Bainbridge, Lisa Loeb, Shania Twain, Sophie B. Hawkins, Vitamin C, Tiffany, Fatboy Slim, St. Etienne and other such acts.

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