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Here are some poems and verses that I have written:

This poem is written in the love and for the love of My Ex-Girlfriend Toosy (she dumped me)
Hearts, Minds, Souls, Our Heart, Minds Souls.
They met at a turning and kept intertwining,
They brought us together even through the bad weather.
From summers day to autumn grey it took you time but now your mine.
When the winter comes forth no cold shall harm.
Cause the warmth of your love lights up a flame,
And lets me live through the bitter cold plains.
Then the springtime will hence forth and the days will get warm,
and that light in my heart will burn brighter as the month of
Febuary will pave the way through to MArch April and May.
Then on a day not so far away our love will be renewed
and light a new flame that of our unity and love one that will never end.
I love you Toosy My Gween.girl Forever *kiss* *Hugs*

Here is another poem inspired by her:

No matter
No matter who it is... No matter where I am... No matter what I do... No matter what I say... No matter what I think... I will never be complete unless I have you, No matter how the seasons change... No matter if its sun or rain... No matter what the time of day... I will never be complete unless I have you, No matter what my love for you will never change because... I will never be complete unless I have you.

I have a few more incomplete poems I was writing for her eventually when I get time to complete them I shall add them.

Will you walk with me?

Will you walk with me along the narrow and windy road of life?
Will you hold my hand and be at my side through rain, sleet or shine?
Will you talk to me and tell me about your life?
Will you open your heart to me and let me come inside?
Will you hold me in your heart and miss me when I am not by your side?
Will you love me like no other, as one loves you?
Will you cry with me, smile with me, laugh with me, be happy with me and be sad with me?
Will you tell me what's on your mind, so that we can share our troubles and lessen then burdens?
Will you kiss me goodnight, so the next day may be bright?
Will you share your life with me and make mine worth living?
Will you work with me so that we stay together for eternity?
I would do all this and more for you do that we may remain together through life's ups and blues.

Dedicated to everyone in LOVE

I want to see you laugh in the summers, smile in the winters, see your face siloueted on the orange autum sunset. I want to see the happiness in your eyes in the spring time rain. I want to see my beautiful however long it takes! Darling I would love to see a picture of you!

When i lay to sleep last nite, a marvel unfolded itself to me. twas u and i, hand in hand, strolling along a dew-dark, grassy mall. the stars were sprawled out overhead, the pagan moon was full. we remarked on various things; we philosophized. the moment grew in potential. as my lips grew nearer yours, i exulted. but, alas, i woke up.....

I wish I could reach out and touch mean so much to me I wish I could tell you exactly how important you are to me I wish you could see what it is you've done to me I wish we could be together....for eternity

My heart beats fast as I think of us and how far we've come. I want us to keep growing and growing, and then some...You make me feel fresh, new and whole, and because of you I can achieve any goal. And my goal for us is to be as happy together as you have made me feel-forever. I love you
All I want is to be happy.... And that is all I want for you.... I know that you are, and forever you will be.. All I ask is that sometimes... You simply think of me.
Whatever I write to you it is all lies its not the truth. The truth is simple the truth is plain I do not need to dress it up cause the facts will never change. I do't ever play games. So I must bring out what is within me for it will never change: I LOVE YOU< I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU and thats all I can say for its the turth and thats the facts and thats how I want it to stay!!!

When I think of you, all I'm thiking about is US, of how true our love is. When I think of you, my life comes alive. When I think of you, my mind is filled with sweet thoughts of you.

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